Kemper Biometric Secured Drawer for Cabinet Drawer

Kemper Biometric Secured Drawer

Product Release Date: June 2019

Kemper Cabinets introduced the first-ever standard drawer with an installed self-locking mechanism on the inside to keep everything from prescriptions to passports and secret sweet treats safe. The Secured Drawer features proven advanced sensor biometric technology from The Master Lock Company and meets the beautiful aesthetic capabilities of Kemper Cabinets.

Help your customer keep their personal items safe by restricting or granting access to the drawer with the touch of a finger! 

Kemper Cabinetry's Biometric Drawer with Master Lock sensor technology

Kemper's Cabinetry Biometric Drawer Ideas for Uses

  • This industry-leading innovation deters would-be thieves and curious hands from accessing valuables and articles needing to be secured.
  • Advanced sensor technology sees past contaminants and imperfections to assure fast, accurate scans granting or restricting access with the touch of a finger!
  • Stores 100 unique finger prints with additional key access.
  • Works using an accessible 9V battery 
👇 View a Biometric Secured drawer in action, below! 👇

To access the cabinet, the user pulls the drawer and the cabinet will open slightly, revealing only the fingerprint sensor and battery. Once the fingerprint is used to grant access, the drawer will open fully. The drawer comes with a manual key lock as a backup method of entry.


The product is available in 18-inch, 21-inch and 24-inch-wide base drawer cabinets measuring 24 inches deep.  A great option for desks, offices and beyond.


 Stephanie Pierce of MasterBrand Cabinets talks about Biometric Secure Drawers

 TLDR; Download Flyer on Biometric Drawer

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