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The Ultimate Guide to K+B Renovation

Planning a kitchen renovation. Homeowner's guide to renovation.

Finding your style | Discover functions needed

Begin by analyzing your current work space. As you go about using it as you normal do, try and note what you love about it, and what needs improvement.  Do you need more counter space? More Storage? How about incorporating seating or a big 'ole island?  Do you need more task lighting or natural light? Do you want to change out the appliances? Floor? Soffits? Make a list that is kept in a handy place so you can jot down notes and ideas whenever they come to you. We like to suggest organizing it in a 'Need, Want, Wish,' type of layout. Or download and print out this handy little chart! Click here for PDF 

This is also a good time to peruse Pinterest, HOUZZ, magazines, books and the internet for inspirational photos that capture a look and style you love. All of this research will come in handy when our designer comes to your home for your onsite measure. They'll ask you preliminary questions to start designing the room of your dreams. 

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How to Budget for a Kitchen Remodel 

Budget, Budget, Budget

Now that you've done your research, and have a better understanding of what you want to do, it's now time to set a budget! Setting budget expectations is important to the success of any remodeling or new construction project. Plus, having a better understanding of your budget will give you a better understanding of your ROI (return on investment), which can be around 50%! 

Your investment will depend on your project goals and the materials you use. Now you may have a number already in mind. That's great! Plug it into our cost calculator and it will give you a break down of budget allocation for cabinets, flooring, countertops etc.  

If you don't know what to budget at all, fear not! The Cost Calculator can base it on your home's value, and provide you with a budget allocation too.  Since this is a country wide calculator, we suggest adding an additional 10% to these numbers. Because... New York. 

Your designer will ask you for your budget. This information helps us steer you towards brands and designs that will keep you within your price point & lead time. It is not used for anything other than that.  

budget calculator for renovation project


Where style meets functionality

There is a saying in this industry that design is intelligence just made visible. The first step to intelligent design is to measure the room. And not just the walls and ceiling height, but any obstacles that may need to be designed in or around. Examples being- plumbing that isn't moving, appliances that are staying, electrical outlets, heating units etc. 

Your ADirect designer will come to your home, to do this onsite measure. We will require that someone who can provide the following information be there at the time of the measure: 

  1. Visuals or a verbal explanation of your ideas
  2. Your appliance selection
  3. Outline of your budget
  4. Timeline of the project

After the measure, we will go back with all the information provided and come up with a preliminary 3D design. These will be emailed to you.  Once you receive them, the best thing to do is to fully digest the pictures and the design. Mark them up even! Note where you'll be storing things, changes you want to make etc. We allow up to two revisions at no additional cost.


Style Phase.  Where you visit out showroom and we start to choose colors and styles. Direct Cabinets. Wholesale Cabinetry.

Where it all starts coming together

This just so happens to be my favorite part.  This is the time when everything starts coming together, and becoming very real.  It is okay to get overwhelmed. You are about to make a lot of choices.  But do not panic.  You have surrounded yourself with highly qualified professionals who will not let you make a 'wrong choice.'  

OK! Now that we got that pep talk about of the way. Let's do this!  Once the design layout is complete, you will most likely want to come to our showroom to see all of your door styles & finish options in person.  If you have tile picked out, bring it with you.  If you have a backsplash you are working with, bring it. Paint colors. Wood flooring. Furniture you want to match. Bring it. Bring it. Bring it (or a sample of it).  Anything that will help you make your decision process easier. Even if that is your mom. Bring her!  After you've made all your selections, we can then quote. Now, we know even after all that researching and budgeting you still want to know- How much!?  What we like to tell people is, choose your #1 choice for everything for the initial quote.  We can always edit and scale back, if it comes in over your budget. You won't have to wait long for these prices. We work hard to get quotes out within 24 hours on stock cabinetry projects. 


living through a kitchen renovation. ordering cabinets. and installation of job.

The good, the bad & the ugly

Now that your design is complete, and prices have been presented, it is now time to place your order. In order for production to start, we (ADirect and your contractor) will require sign offs and deposits.  The installer will receive a complete packet from us with detailed instructions on how to install your job once it is delivered.

All status & delivery updates will be communicated to our customer (ie- your contractor, interior designer etc).  We will manage all of the logistics for all material ordered with us.  Your designer will stay with your job throughout the entire install.  If they have questions, damages or need anything additional. 

Living through a renovation is not easy.  Preparation is a critical step. We've outlined some helpful hints in preparing for your demolition & remodel. You can find them here. 


 Care & Maintenance of your new kitchen. Warranties, Adjustments and Touch Ups. Everything You need to know to Love your space.

Cherish your space for years to come

Wow! That looks beautiful! We wish you nothing but years of happiness in your new room. But before we go, you may be wondering how to keep your cabinets, countertops, sinks, hardware and faucets pristine.  You can always go to the manufacturer's websites, or check out out these resources: 


Did we miss anything?  Leave a comment and let us know.  And hey, if you graciously choose us for your project, we sincerely thank you.  Please feel free to let us know how we did by sending us an email, leaving us a review or sending a good old fashioned letter. 

PS: we LOVE seeing pictures of the rooms we designed at all stages of life.  

From our family to yours,

Thank you! 

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