Quartz Promotion for the Budget Conscience customer like this MSI Quartz New Calacatta Laza color. White quartz with a gray vein.

Quartz Promotion: For the Budget-Conscious Buyer

For a limited time only, we are offering seven quartz colors, at an unbelievably affordable price of $79 per square foot, templated & installed! Why quartz? Quartz is the fastest trending countertop material in the past 5 years.  It probably has to do with the fact that it requires little to no maintenance, has a uniform/predictable pattern, carries a warranty and basically holds up to today's lifestyles. You can read more about it's benefits here. 

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Promotional Color Options

The following seven designs are included at the promotional price of $79 per square foot.  Additional designs by each manufacturer are available, but are not apart of the promotion.  For pricing on other designs, please contact your designer! 

 MSI Quartz New Cararra Marmi. Marble Look a like quartz.  White Quartz with Grey Veining. DirectCabinets.com
MSI Quartz, Artic White
MSI Quartz, Meridian Gray
MSI Quartz Carrara Delphi Quartz on Promotion at DirectCabinets.com
MSI quartz New Calacatta Laza Quartz on Promotion at DirectCabinets.com
WilsonArt Quartz, Grey Lake 1004, Promo Quartz Color DirectCabinets.com
Black Quartz. Wilson Art Vesuvius


Edge Choices

There are TWO edge choices included for FREE in this promotion. They are: Eased and Quarter Round.  Take a look at the side profile views of these three options below! 

Countertop edge profiles- eased edge and quarter round edge. DirectCabinets.com

Hole Cuts

Hole cuts that need to be made for sinks, cook-tops etc will have an additional charge of $300 per hole cut. Drilling for up to three faucet holes are included at no additional charge. 

Terms & Conditions

In order to make this special pricing available, payment must be received in full prior to install. Payment must be made by cash or check for the promo price. Payment via credit card will incur credit card fees.

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Learn more about the Template & Installation Process by watching our 3 minute video below.

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