Bathroom Storage Ideas You'll Love in 2021

Bathroom Storage Ideas You'll Love in 2021

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom might be the most hard-working room in the house. In our house, it is where we bathe, groom,  ̶p̶r̶a̶c̶t̶i̶c̶e̶  force good dental hygiene, put on makeup (me), catch up on the latest memes (my husband) and get ready for the day ahead. Given the bathroom's multiple functions, it is critical to have proper storage. And by that, I don't just meaning shelving. 

There are a few things that need to be considered when planning storage for this smaller space. 

  1. Heat and humidity:  Proper ventilation is a must. (windows, fans).  Hot showers and baths can lead to mold and mildew.  
  2. Paper and Cloth:  Toilet paper and towels are the number and number two things needed in a bathroom (did you see what I did there?) 
  3. Lots of little things: Toiletries, make up and grooming tools can be tricky to keep organized.
  4. Electrical Needs: Think blow dryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers etc. These all can be a challenge to store and charge. 
  5. Small Square Footage: Multifunction and organization is a must have in small rooms. 

Keeping these needs in mind, here are our top bathroom storage ideas for 2021.

1. Medicine Cabinets 

Medicine Cabinet for Bathroom Vanity Bathroom vanity medicine cabinet with storage Bathroom Vanity Mirror with side pull outs
Medicine cabinets are great for storing those small bathroom items out of sight, while being close at hand. Ironically enough, Medicine Cabinets are NOT the best place for you to store your medicine.  That's because the heat and humidity that is often found in the bathroom can affect the efficacy of your meds. 
Our new favorite is the Vanity Mirror Cabinet with Side Pull-outs (see third picture above). The right and left columns extend out 10-3/8", while keeping the mirror front and center.

2. Hamper 

Hamper storage in the bathroom vanity
hamper in the bathroom


Having a hamper in the bathroom may not seem like a necessity.  However, in a mere 18" of space, you can stash the dirty clothes you took off before getting in the shower, completely out of sight. This little cabinet can also relieve the space you may be using in the bedroom for the exact same purpose. 


3. Linen Storage 

Linen cabinet in bathroom Vanity Linen Closet With Removable Hamper Drawer storage used in bathroom

Built-in linen cabinets are great. But not every house has one.  The time to add that type of storage is when you are about to embark on a bathroom remodel. There are many different types of cabinets that can store your towels and linens.  You can opt for a linen cabinet with built-in hamper, a standard pantry cabinet for floor to ceiling storage, or even a simple drawer base. In my bathroom we use a three drawer base- the top shallower drawer for wash cloths, and the two bottom drawers for towels. 


4. Waste Basket Storage

vanity waste basket cabinet vanity waste basket insert into vanity cabinet vanity pull out trash cabinet

A bathroom trash can is something every bathroom needs.  But instead of having your trash in eye sight, opt to have it concealed in a cabinet. You don't even need a cabinet designated for it any more (like in the third picture above).  Opt for a pull out trash cabinet seen here, and install it right under your bathroom sink, to give that big open space some more function... not to mention keeping the garbage away from curious kids or pets. 


5. Grooming Storage

pull out vanity storage for blow dryer and grooming accessories vanity drawer organizer for make up vanity pull out pantry

We've been talking a lot about concealed storage solutions thus far.  Doors and drawers are a great way to hide all the unattractive necessities that are apart you your daily routine.  Which is great, just as long as you don't use it as a license to clutter up the insides of the cabinets. If you need help in that department, these cabinets will force you to stay organized. Your make-up, brushes, powders, hair tools and anything else you might use on the daily will have its very own home. 


6. Built-In Electrical Solutions

bathroom drawer with built in electric outlet
medicine cabinet with built in electrical outlet

An electrical outlet inside a built-in cabinet is a necessary luxury. If you are using an electrical tool that needs to be charged (toothbrushes, electric shaver, beard trimmer etc), having an outlet inside the medicine cabinet or vanity drawer is super useful. This way you can store those items, and their unsightly cords, out of the way and behind closed doors, all while maintaining a charge.   


7. Under the Sink Storage

vanity sink base storage vanity sink base storage drawers vanity sink base cabinet storage metal drawers

More often than not, bathrooms are only large enough for a small vanity, perhaps just a sink base cabinet. If that is the case, you'll definitely want to maximize the storage capability of the one cabinet.  Seen here are different ways you can do so.  Chrome metal racks on the inside of the door, some shelving in the corners, or even a 'U' shaped pull out drawers. These conveniences can be purchased at the time of the vanity or after! 


8. Cleaning Supplies Storage 

Cab Mat- to protect bottom of your sink base cabinet Pull out cleaning supplies caddy. handtowel storage inside cabinet door

The sink base cabinet usually ends up being the place where many of us store our cleaning supplies. These are some of my favorite gadgets that will help maintain the cleanliest of bathrooms.  (from left to right) Cab Mat. These lay right on the bottom of your cabinet protecting it from any spills or leaks. They are made of rubber or stainless steel. Secondly, the pull out cleaning supply caddy. This bad boy will be home to all your cleaning supplies. The plastic cups will keep all your supplies contained and concealed within your cabinet. See the metal hand, just lift up and away and you can take your solutions whereever you need to go.  Lastly, a hand towel bar inside of the door of your cabinet. Experts say that hand towels should be washed every couple of days. Wet towels are breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria.  Keep a few hanging inside the cabinet within easy reach. And when you're done, drape it back over the bar for quicker drying. 


9. Over the John Storage

Over the john or over the toilet storage cabinet
open shelving cabinets for over the toilet towel warmer or towel bar over the toilet

If you are looking to further maximize your bathroom's storage capability, look no further than your toilet... or rather the wall space above it.  There are cabinets specifically made for this spot.  They are often referred to as "over the john cabinets," or "over the toilet cabinets." (I find most Johns prefer the latter).  Our favorite one is by Masterbrand cabinets. It has a built in towel bar, and a little shelf for candles, wash clothes etc. The closed cabinet is great for storing toilet paper.  If open shelving is your thing, you can always choose floating shelves, or a shelving system seen here. This space may also be ideal for your towel bar or towel warmer, especially if your shower is adjacent to the toilet. My towel warmer of choice doubles as a shelf for storing clean towels at a cozy temp, and a bar for drying used towels out much faster. 


There you have it!  Nine different ways to maximize the function and storage of the smallest, yet most used room of the house- the bathroom. Have any questions on products seen here, leave us a comment below.  If you're ready for a new bathroom, but don't know where to start, schedule a consultation with our design team.  Contact us today!  


In the mean time, I leave you with some inspo: 

Dark gray vanity with two sinks and basket storage white traditional bathroom vanity and linen cabinet


off white, cream vanity cabinet modern floating shelf vanity from wall to wall


modern floating vanity with free standing tub traditional double vanity in medium brown


furniture type vanity with matching linen closet extravagant bathroom with fireplace
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