Fabuwood Allure Galaxy: Why Shaker Style Cabinetry is so Popular

Fabuwood Allure Galaxy: Why Shaker Style Cabinetry is so Popular

Shaker is still the most popular cabinet style on the market today. The beauty of the shaker style is that it complements both modern and traditional decor. The simple and classic design of a shaker door adds a timeless look to any kitchen space.  Fabuwood's Allure Galaxy is a perfect example of this timeless design, with its clean lines and simple detailing. Read on to learn why shaker style cabinetry, like Fabuwood Allure Galaxy, is still the top selling cabinet style in 2023.

What are Shaker style cabinets?

The easiest way to describe shaker to someone who is not familiar with the term is to describe it as a picture frame: a recessed center, bordered by a frame.  Often times, it may be characterized as a five piece door, due to how it's manufactured.  You can visually see why below.  Notice the frame is four different pieces of wood (two rails, two stiles) assembled together and applied to the center panel.                    Fabuwood Allure Galaxy Timber door used as a Visual of a Shaker Style door and why it is characterized as a 5 piece cabinet door. DirectCabinets.comI've heard other people say, "Some shaker cabinets are very clean and simple, while others have decorative edge detailing."  But we here at DirectCabinets, do not classify a shaker door with a decorative edge as "shaker." We'd classify it as a "recessed door."  In other words, a shaker door is recessed, but a recessed door is not necessarily shaker.  

Shaker verse Recessed cabinet doors and the differences DirectCabinets.com

This is because the beauty of a true shaker is its plain, simple form: no embellishments or ornamentals.  This dates back to the name's 18th century origin. New England's Shaking Quakers, the religious sect, who handcrafted high-quality furniture were renowned for their craftsmanship and high standards. Their designs were durable, simplistic and understated – intricate details and veneers were seen as dishonest practices. Therefore, they avoided embellishments and finery when it came to creating their furniture. Now knowing the history behind the "shaker" name, you can see why we do not lump a shaker door with other recessed options.

Why are shaker doors so popular? 

In my opinion, their are two reasons why shaker cabinets are so popular. 

#1 - Shaker is versatile in style.  It all comes down to shaker's timelessness and versatility. Shaker can be the foundation to a modern, traditional, coastal, mid-century modern, or transitional style room. They look great in both new homes and older homes which have been remodeled because a shaker door can easily adapt to any design style.  Below are pictures of kitchens we've designed using shaker cabinetry. Use the arrows to peruse the different styles of each kitchen.  

#2 - Shaker style cabinets are easy to maintain and keep clean. With no major crevices to hold dust and dirt, shaker is ideal for families with children, pets and those who tend to get a bit messy in the kitchen!   And when it does come time to clean the cabinets, they can be wiped down easily as part of a regular kitchen cleaning routine.  Want to know our favorite cabinet cleaner? Here it is!  It's safe on top coats for painted and stained cabinetry.  We use it on our Fabuwood cabinetry here in our showroom too.  

Let's get a little more brand specific...

What is the Fabuwood Allure Galaxy door style?

Fabuwood's Allure series has a variety of recessed cabinet door styles available.  The Galaxy door is their true shaker style. It also happens to be our number one seller here on Long Island, NY.  With the introduction of the Galaxy Timber, the Fabuwood Allure Galaxy door is now available in eight different finishes. 

Fabuwood Allure Galaxy Finishes. Available at DirectCabinets.com

  1. Frost - a bright, clean white painted finish that works well in modern and traditional kitchens alike. It is still the most popular finish in the Galaxy collection, especially here on Long Island, NY. 
  2. Linen - a neutral-creamy painted finish with warm undertones for a tranquil look for the eye
  3. Nickel - a nice medium gray paint, that bodes well with both earthy tones and cool blues
  4. Horizon - a chameleon grey stain with pink undertones. A color that adapts to its surroundings, making it the most versatile finish.
  5. Cobblestone - a dark gray-brown stain finish with subtle wood grain texture. 
  6. Indigoa powdery dark navy blue paint that has hints of magenta.  This cool-tone shot to stardom when it was introduced. 
  7. Espresso - a deep black stain laced with a rich shade of brown for a rich, luxurious look
  8. NEW Timber - a warm and soothing neutral-wooden stain, with a natural charm that will blend well with lights and dark styles alike.

What do people like best about Fabuwood Allure Galaxy?

Fabuwood's Allure Galaxy door style is the number one selling door style for us here on Long Island, New York. It is selected by homeowners, builders and flippers. Why is that? 

  1. The Finish Selection - Fabuwood does a great job following and predicting color trends.  The 8 standard finishes available in the Allure Galaxy door is a great selection. Most people find the perfect finish or finishes for their project. 
  2. Fabuwood's affordable pricing - You aren't breaking the bank to get the kitchen of your dreams with Fabuwood. And now with their NEW limited lifetime warranty, people are resting a little easy knowing their covered in the future against manufacturer's defects.
  3. Quick Lead Time - The lead times are ever improving.  Currently we are getting deliveries of the standard eight colors in 3-4 weeks.  *Horizon has been a little iffy on that though. 

 Fabuwood Allure Galaxy Frost with Indigo Island by DirectCabinets.com

Fabuwood Allure Galaxy Frost kitchen with Galaxy Indigo Island 
In collaboration with Blake Carpentry
📍 East Quogue, NY


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