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MasterBrand, North America's #1 largest cabinet manufacturer, knows all about today’s fast-paced, budget conscious environment. They understand the need for quality products with all the upgrades built-in, as well as the need for quick shipping to meet the tightest of deadlines. Their answer to these needs? Mantra. 

Are Mantra Cabinets Made in the USA? 

Mantra is a globally sourced cabinet company that is assembled and shipped from their plant in Carlile, Pennsylvania.  

Streamlined Portfolio

Mantra is a straight forward, basic product line with a focus on relevant styles and colors. Mantra are stock cabinets with few organization options & no embellishments. If you have a standard kitchen or a basic multi-unit project you are bidding, this is the line for you! Take a look at the current designs offered below. We think you'll like what you see. Our top seller is the Omni door style in the Snow finish (aka their white shaker). Each style and finish is available for viewing at our showroom. Including the new Omni Graphite color that was just introduced in April of 2022, and Omni Admiral blue which was introduced December of 2022.  

If you are interested in purchasing color sample blocks for any of these finishes,


Also seen below is their Furniture Vanity Program that is in the process of being discontinued. These are currently available at a discounted rate. Once they are gone, they are gone.  Please do not confuse these furniture vanities with their standard vanity offering. Those are active and will continue to be offered in all sizes and finishes. 

Mantra Cabinet Door Styles and Finishes Offered as of 2022


Let's Talk Lead Time

Mantra's delivery lead times are among the fastest in the industry. Whether we order one kitchen at a time, or a whole truck load, they strive to deliver fast and complete from their assembly plant in Carlisle, PA.  

  • Northeast: 4-6 days delivered
  • Midwest: 4-10 days delivered
  • Northeast & Midwest Truckload: 15 business day delivered

If ordered with us locally, your Mantra order will be delivered to our warehouse. From there we will work with you to set up for white glove home delivery on a day and time convenient to the project.   


Service Behind the Brand

To meet the price point and speed expectations, Mantra not only streamlined the product line but also their processes; Many becoming automated. The problem with automation is it leaves no room for changes or adjustments.  For example, once an order is placed no changes can be made for any reason- typos or otherwise. Customer service is there to answer the call, but there is very little they can do, even tracking down a late shipment or truck. 

If you look at service as the means given to place the order and communication about shipments, backorders etc then their service is on par for the industry.  But I would say this is definitely an area for improvement for MasterBrand. 


Quality & Construction

Popular features like all-plywood construction and soft-close doors and drawers come standard with every Mantra cabinet. View image below, or download and print the Construction-at-a-Glace for in depth construction details.

Download and Print Button

Quality is good for its price point and speed.  This is stock line with a 5 year warranty and should be judged as such.  When damages or imperfections happen, they will stand behind their product. However, you cannot order part of a cabinet. It is all or nothing. So if a drawer front arrives damaged, you'll be getting a whole new cabinet entirely.  Seems wasteful to me. But that is how it is done over there. Although, there has been some chatter about this changing in the near future. 


Warranty Information

Mantra Cabinets has two different warranties, based on the application of usage. Click on your potential application below for further details. 

Need some Inspo? 

Recently, This Old House teamed up with Mantra Cabinets in a Cottage Duplex Community in Connecticut. Click here to learn more about the project. Below are some images of the project that showcased the Mantra line.

Mantra Cabinets, Omni Snow, White Shaker Kitchen
 Mantra Omni Snow


Mantra Cabinets, Omni Snow, White Desk Area

Mantra Omni Mineral
Mantra Cabinets, Omni Mineral, Gray Shaker Kitchen
Mantra Omni Snow
Mantra Cabinetry, Omni Snow Laundry Rooms

Ready to get started?

Contact your designer for a complimentary measure and design for the Mantra cabinet line.  Want to design and price yourself? Download the current price and spec book below.  Contact us for your wholesale Mantra discount today!

Download Pricing & Spec book



Karly Labruzzo

Karly is the Chief Operations Officer at ADirect Cabinet Distributor. She facilitates daily operations to ensure this ship runs smoothly. She has been designing for us full time for over 14 years, keeps us social and up to date in this fast paced industry. She too, is our honorary sound board and complaint resolver. Did I mention she also has a dual masters in Executive Business Administration and Organizational Management? When she's not working, you can find her rocking motherhood, being an amazing wife, or trying new recipes in her own kitchen.

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Samantha Stratton

If the mantra cabinets come damaged is that considered normal? We ordered cabinets before and when they arrived they had some peeling and dings. We spent 38k for them so I was pretty upset. Would we get new cabinets installed since they arrived damaged?

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