New Colors from Fabuwood- Now Available!

--Updated: 2/1/22

Fabuwood launched a variety of new colors the fall of 2021.  These new colors are now in stock and ready to be ordered. We are excited to add some custom looking details into your next Fabuwood project.  

Fabuwood New Colors 2021

Fusion Kona, Stone, Oyster & Galaxy Indio

New Fabuwood Colors- Fusion Kona, Fusion Stone, Fusion Oyster, Galaxy Indigo



Fabuwood Indigo- Fabuwood Galaxy Indigo- Fabuwood Blue- Now Available

Fabuwood Galaxy Indigo

Galaxy (Fabuwood's popular shaker door style) is expanding it's finish options with the new Indigo color.   

Indigo appears to be a deep, rich blue color that is going to pair beautifully with browns, grays, whites and wood accents.  

Available for order as of October 6, 2021. Sample available for viewing at our showroom. Call to make an appointment! (631) 475-2464.

Fabuwood Fusion Oyster Now Available. New Fabuwood color.

Fabuwood Fusion Oyster

The transitional Fusion door style has stood out with it's distinctive detailing and classic profiling in it's Blanc, Dove and Nickel finishes since its release.

Fabwuood has introduced three new finishes for this door- one of them being Oyster. A smooth beige that I can imagine looking HOT against black hardware and accents. Talk about a refreshing twist on a transitional kitchen!

Available for order as of November 2, 2021. Sample available for viewing at our showroom. Call to make an appointment! (631) 475-2464.

Fabuwood Fusion Stone Now Available. New Fabuwood Finish

Fabuwood Fusion Stone

Another new finish to the Fusion door style is Stone.  

I think this color is going to be a chameleon- where it is going to look different in every setting.  It appears in photos like it is a medium to dark gray/brown... which will look phenomenal with greens don't you think?   

Available for order as of November 2, 2021. Sample available for viewing at our showroom. Call to make an appointment! (631) 475-2464.

Fabuwood Kona Finish on Fusion Door style. New 2022

Fabuwood Fusion Kona

Kona is the first stained finish for the Fusion door style. It's dark brown hue accentuates the wood grain, providing traditional, rich elegance to any space. 

Available for order as of January 12, 2022. Sample available for viewing at our showroom. Call to make an appointment! (631) 475-2464.


The Fusion Stone, Fusion Oyster, Fusion Kona and Galaxy Indigo are now available for order  The Kona finish on the Imperio door style should soon follow.

Check out all of Fabuwood's 2021 Product Launch Brochure here. 


As designers, we get excited about the littlest things.  Like the promise of Walnut Floating Shelves!  These are now available as of September 15, 2021 for order!  And would look stunning with any of the Fabwuood finishes- new or old. Download the sales flyer below to see sizing and finishes available. Also available for download is the installation guide for more details on this design offering.

Fabuwood Floating Shelves Flyer for available sizes and finishes at              Fabuwood Floating Shelves Installation Guide


Walnut Floating Shelves by Fabuwood Cabinetry at

Let us know what color you're most excited for in the comments!  And be sure to join our mail list for immediate updates.  When we know, you'll know.


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Lauren Presta

I have the Fabuwood, onyx horizon in my kitchen. Can you tell me if you have an upper cabinet that is 15”H x 24” D x 36” W?
——— replied:
Hi Lauren, Yes, a W361524 is available in the Onyx Horizon door. If you’d like I can email you directly and send you a quote. I’d just need a little more information from you. Karly

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