Outdoor Kitchens for Long Island's Harshest Weather

Outdoor kitchens have quickly moved from being reserved for luxury custom homes to becoming mainstream. Maybe it's because COVID had us not only seeking fresh air, but more space within the home; a space safe to entertain.  No matter the reason, outdoor kitchens are on the rise.   

Outdoor Cabinets at DirectCabinets.com. WeatherStrong Miami Whitewash. White Wood grain outdoor cabinetry.

Benefits of an Outdoor kitchen 

  • Increases Home Value - In fact Absolute Outdoor kitchen's study says a home with an outdoor kitchen can potentially see an ROI between 100% to 200%! 
  • Great Entertainment space - With the inventions of patio heaters, outdoor lighting, fans and more it's easier to make the outdoors feel like a room now.
  • Improved Heath & Wellbeing - Studies show being outdoors can improve concentration, memory and mental energy, not to mention lowering stress levels.
  • Keeps Smells Outside - Bacon and Fish are the biggest offenders in this category. Their smells can linger for days after being cooked inside. An outdoor kitchen can help keep your house smelling fresh. 

Weather Proof Outdoor Cabinets

Being in the Northeast, we have four unpredictable seasons.  We have pouring rain, hot muggy summers and cold snowy winters. Is an outdoor kitchen really possible here?  With WeatherStrong cabinetry, the answer is yes.  WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry is designed to stand up to the harshest elements Mother Nature can send your way.  With our without any sort of structural protection.  

Water Proof Outdoor Cabinetry at DirectCabinets.com, WeatherStrong Daytona Dark Ash

Introducing WeatherStrong Cabinetry

WeatherStrong Cabinetry, a subdivision of Ideal Cabinetry, is manufactured right here in the USA. It ships in 7 to 10 days out of Florida and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. These outdoor cabinets have doors and drawer fronts crated of 3/4" All-Weatherboard® composite material. { Watch Video }

What is All-Weatherboard®? It is a high-density polyethylene and marine-grade polymer, tough enough to withstand all weather conditions.  

Being not only water proof but weather proof, the applications are endless!  Outdoor kitchens, Cooking & Grilling Areas, Garage storage, Wet Room ensembles, Pool Houses, Outdoor showers, RVs or even on Boats.  

 WeatherStrong Cabinet Box Construction at DirectCabinets.com

  Cabinet Construction: WeatherStrong cabinets are factory built to order with precision dowel alignment and a fast cure solvent‑free structural marine adhesive system that provides excellent flexibility, toughness and bond strength.
Installation to Exterior Walls: WeatherStrong can be installed indoors or out. To fasten cabinets to stucco, brick, or concrete block walls, stainless steel Tapcon® fasteners are recommended (3/16" x 2‑3/4"), sold separately. For base cabinets two fasteners are recommended, and four are recommended for wall cabinet installations.
Salt Water Environments: Oceanfront environments with salt air and sea spray will require regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent rust from forming on the handles, hinges and drawer runners. Clean stainless steel surfaces several times a month to keep the chemical reaction from the salt from gaining a foothold on the hardware. With regular cleaning, your cabinets will look like new for many years. To achieve maximum corrosion and stain resistance, the surface of the stainless steel must be kept clean.

     Features to Outdoor Cabinetry

    WeatherStrong Styles & Colors

    WeatherStrong offers four different door styles and thirteen color options, from solid colors to woodgrain-inspired designs.  All decorative hardware, hinges and drawer runners are stainless steel, top rated for outdoor use. 

    Choose Your Door Style

    Weatherstrong four door styles for outdoor cabinetry

    Choose Your Finish/Color

    Weatherstrong outdoor cabinetry available colors

    Available August 1, 2022 is Weatherstrong's new island program.  They are offering 6 preconfigured islands available in the styles and colors from above. Click on the banner below to learn more about this Island Bundle Program! 

    New Outdoor Preconfigured Island Bundles by Weatherstrong

    Download Brochure buttonWeatherStrong Specification Guide 2022View Outdoor Cabinets Video by DirectCabinets.com

    Outdoor Finishing Details- Countertops, Sinks, Icebuckets, Out Door Lighting, Fans etc.
    Lapitec Countertops. Great for Outdoor Kitchens. Available at DirectSinks.com
    Outdoor Sinks by KRAUS and Ruvati. Available at DirectSinks.com
    Outdoor Lighting available at ShopForLights.com

    With shipping times as little as 7-10 days, you can have a new outdoor kitchen in time for Summer of 2022. Yes, we ship any where in the continental US. 

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