Storage Ideas for Man's Best Friend

Storage Ideas for Man's Best Friend

We all know a dog isn't just a pet. They are apart of the family. And like most members of the family, they come with a lot of stuff. Dog bowls, dog food, toys, dog beds, leashes, and in some cases even outfits! When it comes to designing a new room, whether it's the kitchen, mudroom or home office, we have a few storage ideas that will help give all the stuff a home.  

How to Store Dog Food

Not sure what to do with that giant bag of kibble you have taking up space in your kitchen? A trash can cabinet could be the answer!  Our trash cabinets come with plastic buckets, big enough to fit those large bags off food. We suggest purchasing the optional lid that fits tightly, that way it can't be easily opened by a smart pooch.  

Below you will see a full height single trash cabinet that takes up a mere 15" of space.  And to the right, a 24" wide base bin tray pull out, a complete pet feeding drawer. It features a discreet food storage container plus three trays to house pet treats and supplies. 

dog food storage trash can Dog Foot storage trash cabinet with toy storage


How to Store Dog Toys

If your dog is anything like ours, they have way too many half eaten toys that have a way of ending up all over the floor.  It's as if the motion of me bending down picking them up and returning them back to her basket is a signal to start a new play session.  When baskets don't seem to do the trick, it's great to have storage for those toys that are only played with sometimes. Like the frisbee, or the ball that always gets stuck under the couch, or that rubber Kong that you fill up with treats on occasion. 

Besides the 24" pull out food and toy storage we spoke about earlier, you can add a toe kick drawer to any cabinet in the house for secret toy storage. The toys will be stored out of view, but would still be easily accessible with just a tap of the toe. 

Dog toy storage ideas


Dog Storage for Bowls

Now these ideas won't be for every dog.  I am aware some dogs require access to their bowls at all times, and may require them to be elevated.  These ideas are for little dogs with little bowls or those dogs that are given access to their food dish when it is time to eat.  

The toe kick drawer we mentioned earlier is often used for bowl storage as well.  If your dog is going to use it as their feeding station, then I'd suggest putting a rubber mat or some sort of protective layer on the bottom of the drawer under the bowls.  Another idea I love is to have a designated shelf for the bowls, where they will be kept until dinner time. 

The picture shown on the right is a whole section dedicated to their four legged friend.  In three feet of space, they have a single trash bin cabinet for the food, toe kick drawer, a shelf for bowls, a deep drawer for toy/treat storage and an open space for the dogs bed.  Talk about a doggy that has it all! 

Dog bowl storage ideas

Dog Bed Areas

The number one place I trip over my dog is in the kitchen.  It isn't her fault. I know she wants to be where I am.  And our kitchen doesn't have a spot for her to just lay down while she waits for a scrap to fall.  Adding a special place for your dog in the most used rooms can only be beneficial to your relationship. 

Below are ways in which dog parents incorporated places for their dogs in their homes.  A simple desk area will do the trick.  Your dog will feel protected with in the confines, and when you need to sit and do bills, simply slide out the bed for your foot space.  I also love this poodles laundry room digs.  He looks awfully happy too, doesn't he?  

Dog Bed placement and areas in the home


So when you are ready to start your next renovation project, don't forget to think about your best friend.  We can easily design in an area that will help organize all their belongings.  If you have any questions about any of the products or ideas seen here, leave us a comment. And please be sure to share it with your dog loving pals.  


I leave you with some pictures of doggies, I mean other inspo ideas...

Dog beds with in kitchen and laundry room

Dog bench and dog bowls incorporated in the kitchen island
Dog areas incorporated in the kitchen with pot filler water station
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