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What is the latest kitchen trends for 2020?

In this blog post, we want to go over today's kitchen trends. From styles and finishes, to scope and materials chosen.  We will be comparing our knowledge of the Long Island, NY market with Houzz's 2020 Kitchen Trends study, done country wide in the middle to end of 2019.  

What goes into a Houzz study?

This year, Houzz gathered information from nearly 2,600 Houzz users who had completed kitchen remodels and additions in the previous 12 months, or who were planning to start one within the next three months. If you want to read the whole report, click on the image below to download and devour it 👇

Houzz kitchen trends for 2020 report

We will break down the findings in small clips and compare them to our Long Island trends to see if it accurately represents our market. You too, can see if your kitchen plans seem to coincide with these trends. 

How long do kitchen trends last? 

Like fashion, kitchen trends go in cycles. Interior design cycles are less extreme than fashion, and tend to blend from one into the next. Just how long does a cycle last?  I would say they go in 10 year cycles. Some designers may disagree. But if I were to walk into a kitchen done in 2000, I would probably find raise panel doors with glazing technique.  Where a kitchen done in 2010, will be an off-white recessed panel.  Today's homeowner will choose a white shaker door. White cabinets have remained the top choice for quite some time.  In fact, they have only grown in popular over the last two years. 

top cabinetry colors in 2020, 2019 and 2018

You should NOT be thinking white cabinets will be 'out of style' soon. In fact, the change we predict next, is a move to high gloss white on the contemporary end, and warmer tones of white coming back into play as a move towards walnut accents, quartersawn oak islands and white oak floors move into the forefront.

What kitchen trends are out? 

Shaker style cabinets continue to dominate in cabinetry. In fact, a whopping 61% choose a shaker door style, with flat-panel being the distant second at 21%.  Leaving raised panel, glass front, louvered and open shelves out in the cold.  But don't feel bad for them just yet.  Thirteen percent of people upgrading their kitchen island, are opting for a contrasting cabinet door style, where flat-panel, louvered and glass front are the front runners. 

 cabinet door style trends for 2020

What is the most popular kitchen layout?

According to the 2020 U.S. HOUZZ Kitchen Trend Study mention above, 40% of those renovating their kitchens are opting to change the layout.  You might be wondering, "Which layout is the most popular?"  An L-shape kitchen is!  Besides an L-shaped kitchen, the other trend is to open up their kitchens to nearby rooms creating that 'open living' effect everyone is craving. The popularity of making the kitchen more open to other interior spaces fell 7% this year. BUT of the 46% of people opening up the kitchen, 64% of them opted to open the room completely (with no wall separation), which is up from the year prior at 58%. 

Most popular kitchen layout choice in 2020

Are kitchen islands still popular?  

Islands continue to be a prominent feature in renovated kitchens.  Nearly two-third of renovated kitchen feature an island. In fact, a third of homeowners add an island if they didn't already have one. While those who already had an island, decide to keep & upgrade it. 

Storage and overhead lighting are the norm in island upgrades (98% and 92% respectively).  While over half of the islands house new appliances, such as microwaves and dishwashers. 

Additionally, two in five homeowners choose a contrasting color for the island cabinets. Gray and blue are the most popular color choices for the contrasting island cabinetry (26% and 19% respectively). 


Top Colors homeowners choose for their kitchen islands
What type of countertops are people choosing in 2020? 

From 2016 to 2018, engineered quartz was rapidly gaining market share by an average of 11% each year! In 2020, engineered quartz continues to rise, just at a slower rate of 5%. The slowing growth is likely due to dramatic increases in the price of imported engineered quartz from China.   Top Countertop Material for Kitchen Upgrades

The color of countertops have held steady, with white and multicolored surfaces still topping the charts. It is important to note that 29% of homeowners are choosing to contrast the island countertop.  Wood tops are the most popular option at 35%. 

 Top Countertop Color Choice in 2020

What are people doing for kitchen backsplashes? 

Homeowners are embracing full backsplashes by creating feature walls. 63% of people are opting for full coverage of the backsplash all the way up to the upper cabinets or range hood.  Some, 11%, are going all the way to the ceiling!  Ceramic or porcelain tile is still the top material chosen for the job. We are starting to see full backsplashes in the engineered quartz increasing in popularity.  With the introduction of Britannica Block from Cambria (a tile like look of engineered quartz), I think it is only just the beginning! 

Brittanica Block by Cambria with Backsplash Trend numbers for 2020

What colors and overall style trends are we seeing in kitchens?

Neutral colors have remained relatively stable the last few years. Renovated kitchens continue to feature neutral tones of gray, white and beige on wall surfaces.  Wood tones dominate in flooring, while stainless steel maintains it's hold as top appliance choice. 

Top color choices for kitchen remodels in 2020

Renovating homeowners who change their kitchen style, are continuing to opt for transitional and contemporary styles.  Modern is gaining market share, while farmhouse style retracts. 

top kitchen style trends for 2020. Farmhouse style is on its way out.

What type of lighting should I choose for my kitchen renovation?

Among the renovating homeowners who choose to upgrade light fixtures in the kitchen, recessed lights continue to be the most popular choice, at 69%. In contrast, the popularity of under cabinet lights, pendant lights and chandeliers have declined the last year. Not surprisingly, 92% of homeowners who added or upgraded their kitchen island, installed new light fixtures as well.  Those generally being pendant lights (66%), although recessed fixtures were a distant second choice at 32%.


let's recap

  • We are more likely to keep the current size of the kitchen.
  • Although, nearly half of us want to make the kitchen more open.
  • L-shaped kitchen layouts are the most popular
  • The Island is still the crown jewel of the kitchen
  • Engineered Quartz continues to remain as a top countertop choice, but at a slower rate
  • Full wall backsplash emerges
  • Hardwood returning as #1 spot in flooring materials. 
  • Farmhouse style loses steam, where transitional is still the top choice
  • Neutral Colors still remain stable, as does Stainless steel appliances
  • Recessed lighting reigns, pendants spotlight the island
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