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Top Knobs Best Selling Collections in 2021

If you are in the market for cabinet hardware, it is not uncommon to quickly become overwhelmed.  Choosing hardware for your cabinets can be quite an ordeal.  There are literally thousands of choices ranging in different styles, colors and materials out there.  And hardware can literally make or break the look for a room. #nopressure.  We sell a variety of decorative hardware brands.  But by far, our go to brand is Top Knobs.  We will tell you why, and introduce you to eight of their top selling collections in 2021. 

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Top Knobs Dealer Near You

Top Knobs has been around since 1994, and climbed to its status of #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware for the professional market ever since.  Meaning you will not find their products in a mass merchandising do-it-yourself stores. (aka Home Depot or Lowes).  Top Knobs is only available from design showrooms, like A Direct Cabinets.  A dealer of Top Knobs will not only have display boards of their top selling collections available to touch and see, but also use Top Knobs within their displays.  You will find Top Knobs ALL over our showroom.  Want to stop in and see what we have? 

Top Knobs earned a place in A Direct's showroom for some very good reasons.  

  1. They are the #1 Leader and #1 Trend-setter in the hardware industry
  2. Their design, selection, quality, value and service cannot be beat
  3. Top Knobs carries a limited Lifetime Warranty
  4. They normally ship quickly, with very few backorders. With 90% of their inventory being shipped from their main warehouse in NJ, and 10% being shipped from their warehouse in CA... it means here in NY we get the hardware within days
  5. They have a FREE sample program for those that need to see, touch and feel before buying.  Find out more about that program here


How to Choose Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets?

Decorative hardware can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. It's one of those details that can make a BIG difference. And there is a lot that goes into it... more than you'd think!  That is why choosing your knobs and pulls shouldn't be an after thought.  Find our free guide How to Select Hardware for your Cabinets here and learn about all the things to consider before you start drilling into your cabinetry. Like...

✔️ Narrow down your cabinet style first

✔️ Consider the other metals in the room

✔️ Type & Comfort

✔️ Get the Placement Right


Top Selling Top Knob Collections in 2021

Now that you know all there is to know about Top Knobs, and how to select the perfect hardware for YOUR cabinetry, let's take a look at the top selling collections of Top Knobs in 2021. This list is straight from Top Knobs' national sales numbers from this past year. 

Transcend Collection

Top Knobs Transcend collection

The Transcend Collection offers a handsome mix of shapes, sizes and finishes that effortlessly matches any modern or traditional space. It is truly a transitional designed collection in every sense of the word.  The Ascendra Pull and Knobs is especially comfortable to the touch. This collection is available in up to 8 different finishes. 


Devon Collection

Top Knobs Devon Collection

The Devon Collection by Top Knobs is where you'll find classic charm meets modern flair.  This collection is inspired by the characteristics of the towns and villages of Devon county in southwest England. Devon pieces have an industrial yet classic appeal to them. Knobs, pulls and appliance pulls are available in this collection.  


Grace Collection

Grace collection by Top Knobs Hardware

The ageless beauty of New York's five boroughs is where you'll find the inspiration for the Grace Collection. This collection pulls together the most well-loved designs from the past 25 years. The unique offering has a timeless appeal found in this six series of contemporary, transitional, and traditional style knobs, pulls and appliance pulls.  


Lynwood Collection Top Knobs Lynwood Collection

Looking for a mid-century minimalist feel for your cabinetry? Look no farther than the Lynwood collection.  This collection is inspired by the iconic modern designs and shapes found on furniture and architectural styles from that period. Find simple, yet handsome knobs, pulls, cup pulls and backplates in a variety of tones with Lynwood. 


Mercer Collection

Top Knobs Mercer Collection, quilted handles and europa tab pullThe Mercer Collection is a compilation of knobs and pulls of different European style. In this collection you will find their infamous Quilted handle and knob, their extremely popular Europa tab pulls, as well as the Glacier, Oculus, Holland and Tango knobs and pulls.  The Mercer collection gives you something new to play with within a classic design genre.  


Chareau® Collection

Top Knobs Chareau CollectionCheck out the Chareau® Collection if you are looking for something not too modern, yet not too traditional.  Here you will find clean lines of pulls and knobs that are classically traditional in shape, yet offered with an updated, modern approach. If you are looking for gem-like pieces of hardware (with diamond like cuts), definitely look at the Emerald pulls and knobs available in this beautiful collection. 


Serene Collection Top Knobs Serene Collection

For a sophisticated style, of elegant and transitional shapes, definitely check out the Serene Collection by Top Knobs.  From the geometric Lydia series to the Lily reminiscent of a ballet bar, the Serene Collection presents a world of decorating possibility for your kitchen and bathroom.  One of my personal favorites is the Lily pull. It tips its hat towards an industrial/pipe vibe without leaving its sophisticated roots. Plus it's really comfortable for grabbing by hand (a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶o̶o̶t̶).  I choose this handle for my son's dresser, of which he often uses as ladder steps. 


Ellis Collection

Top Knobs Ellis Collection

Let your southern hospitality be on full display with the timeless chic Ellis collection. This Georgia-inspired sophisticated collection boasts opulent influences from Savannah's graceful architecture.  Transitional, yet classic. I just love the lines of the Davenport series found within this collection, and the simplistic nature of the Julian series. 


OUR Best Selling Top Knobs Series: Channing Series (part of the Barrington Collection)

Top Knobs Channing SeriesI was surprised to learn that the Barrington Collection, or more precisely the Channing series didn't make Top Knobs best selling list.  Simply because this series is quite popular among our clientele.  Maybe it is because we chose it in their new beautiful Ash Gray finish for one of our displays.  But I personally think it is has personality all on it's own and is a great pair for the ever trending Shaker style kitchen. 


Top Knobs to the Trade

Being a wholesaler, we offer Top Knobs hardware at a wholesale discount for trade professionals.  If you are an architect, interior designer, contractor, builder etc. and aren't able to be a direct Top Knobs dealer... contact us!  With our discount structure you'll be able to offer Top Knobs at a competitive price to your clients. 


Don't forget, Top Knobs has a FREE sample program for most of their knobs and handles under 7" long. Just pay $5 per piece for shipping.
Contact us for details or to place your sample order today.


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