Kemper Walk Through Pantry

Kemper Cabinets Walk Through Pantry

The Pantry Walk-Through Cabinet holds your best kept secret. Tucked away behind a non-disruptive door, this clever cabinet opens to a walk-in pantry area, for a new age solution for a streamlined kitchen.  See it in action in the video below!

The Pantry Walk Through Cabinet features full-height doors without a cabinet back or bottom. The lack of a cabinet back and bottom allows us as designers to use this cabinet in a few different settings.  

The first being as the name suggests, as a pantry door.  Rather than having a regular interior door or a glass pantry door disrupting the design continuity of the room, this cabinet would serve as a cohesive element.  Its tall cabinet doors disguise the doorway, all while matching the rest of the cabinetry in place. The result?  The illusion of a larger space. 

The second way we use this cabinet, is to hide unsightly elements that you would frequently need access to;  Like a washer and dryer.  We often use this cabinet in spaces that unfortunately requires the washer and dryer be front in center, like in Levitt Homes in Levittown, NY and in apartments. This cabinet has the perfect measurements to hide stackable washer and dryers.  Here are pictures of this cabinet being used within our recent projects: 

Walk through pantry used for stackable washer and dryer in the kitchen walk through pantry cabinet used in kitchen for stackable washer and dryer cabinet, closed
Both jobs were in collaboration with Colours Construction
Stackable washer and dryer hidden within the kitchen Hidden washer and dryer within white kitchen


Sizing Availability
  • Available in widths of 30", 33" and 36"
  • Available in heights of 84", 87", 90", 93" and 96"
  • Can be reduced in depth to 9" or increased in depth to 27"
  • Cut for glass doors available on upper doors of 90" - 96" tall 
Specifications for Pantry Walk Through Cabinet by MasterBrand Kemper Cabinets
Available Finishes & Styles
  • This cabinet is available by MasteBrand Cabinets, in the Kemper Choice Series.
  • It is available in all the styles, colors & wood species Kemper Choice has to offer
  • It too can be ordered unfinished, to be color match to existing cabinetry locally.
    (Yes! We can ship throughout the continental US) 


Inspirational Gallery

Kemper cabinets Walk Through Pantry, ClosedKemper Walk Through Pantry, Open

Thomasville Walk Through Pantry, ClosedThomasville Walk Through Pantry, Open


Walk Through Pantry Inspriation- Custom Version

Diamond Cabinetry Walk Through Pantry, OpenKemper Cabinets Walk Through Pantry, Chocolate Color, Open

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Do you see a use for them for an upcoming project of yours?

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Looking for 33-36 inch walk through pantry door in new castle gray. Cabinets are GHI brand
——— replied:
I am not familiar with GHI brand. If Kemper has a similar door style to your existing GHI kitchen, we can always order the cabinet in unfinished. Then a local finisher can color match it to your existing cabinetry.

Anita Halsey

We are looking to have a pantry door made is that’s something that can be done and shipped.
——— replied:
Generally speaking, yes we can ship doors anywhere in the continental US. But we’d definitely need more information for your specific needs. Do you know the cabinet manufacturer/style/color?

Jason Barnes

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