how much does a kitchen renovation cost in 2020

What is the typical cost of a new kitchen, in 2021?

Cost is the most common and often the most uncomfortable question for anyone considering a kitchen remodel. If you are just starting your research, or you've gotten a quote and are unsure if it is reasonable to today's standards, you have come to the right place.  We have tools and insights that will help give you a better idea of what your overall remodeling investment might be, and where your money will go. 

How much does an average kitchen renovation cost? 

Talking about averages and ballparks has some value when you're at the very beginning stages of a renovation project.  For that reason alone, I am going to give you country wide ballpark estimations, for your knowledge.  But I urge you to find your home's value and plug it our budget calculator to get a better understanding of this investment you're about to embark on.  And if we're neighbors, you also may want to add 10% to those numbers, because well... it's New York. 

Remodel Type Average Cost
Minor Remodel $12,000 - $21,000
Midrange Remodel $29,000 - $64,000
Upscale Remodel Up to $125,000


Minor - focuses on cosmetic apperances - refacing, painting, cabinet door handles, new countertops, light fixtures, new laminate flooring. The design of the kitchen isn't changed. 

Midrange - still focuses on cosmetic appearances- new cabinets, cabinet hardware, paint, new countertops, building a kitchen island, light fixtures, tile backsplash, tile or vinyl flooring. The design of the kitchen changes in layout. 

Upscale - A complete remodel. The entire kitchen is stripped to the floor and walls. The floor plan is redesigned, and everything - plumbing, electrical, flooring appliances, countertops, lighting, tile work- can all be replaced. 


blue bell curve

Average Ballpark Figures

10 x 10 Kitchen Remodel Costs - $15,000 - $30,000

12 x 12 Kitchen Remodel Costs - $20,000 - $45,000


What does a new kitchen cost, on Long Island? 

The rule of thumb, is a kitchen renovation will cost any where between 5-15% of the home's value, depending on the project goals and materials used.  For me, I always find it best to apply concrete numbers to an example.  So, I did a little research and found the 2021 average price for a home in Suffolk County and Nassau County in to be $660,710 and $654,091 respectively.  Therefore, the average cost of a kitchen renovation for a Long Island home is between $32,000 and $100,000 depending on the scope of the project.

Map of Long Island, Suffolk and Nassau County

{Here's a link to Zillow's Home Value tool, to find the value in your neighborhood}
Suffolk County Example  |  $33,000 - $100,000
 Nassau County Example  |  $32,000 - $99,000


What are the typical costs of a kitchen remodel? 

Now that you have a general idea of the OVERALL budget needed for your entire kitchen renovation project, let's breakdown the budget into areas of allocation.  The chart below will give you a great idea of where your budget should go.  Now, these aren't hard numbers. We each have our own prioritization when it comes to what is important, and what may be further down on the list.  

budget breakdown for kitchen renovation

You can see that the cabinetry and the labor of the project should and will be the biggest part of your investment.  You may think we are being partial, being a cabinet dealer and all...but you should opt for the best cabinets your budget will allow. Our general thinking is, you've waited and saved for this new kitchen, you'll want it to last a long, long time.  At least until it gets renovated again, in oh 25 or so years. These cabinets will be used daily! They will be storing all your kitchen gadgets, supporting the weight of your countertop and housing your appliances. So yes, you should opt for the best your budget will allow. Other little thoughts I like to bring up...

Now a days, appliances seem to have a lifespan of 10 years. This is something to consider when designing and when spending.  Need help in this department, read How to Choose Kitchen Appliances.

Easily replaceable items- like hardware, lights, paint color and even faucets can easily get swapped down the road should you get tired of them. My advice would to spend less in these areas. 

More semi permanent things, like Countertops, Sinks and Backsplashes take more effort and more money to change. I would spend every bit of the given budget in these areas.

Keeping with our Suffolk County and Nassau County budget example from earlier ($32,000 - $100,000), here is what you can expect to spend in each category:  

Cabinets $12,000 - $36,000
Countertops $3,600 - $10,800
Flooring $2,100 - $5,880
Appliances $2,400 - $7,200
Lighting/Electrical $1,200 - $3,600
Wall Treatments & Trim $900 - $5,400
Labor $7,500 - $22,500
Miscellaneous $300 - $900


Click on our handy Budget Calculator to help set a budget and get a break down for your project. 

budget calculator for kitchen and bathroom renovation project with arrows

How much does a kitchen cost without appliances?

Did you use our budget calculator yet? If you have, you'll see how easy it is to subtract out the items you may not need.  Let's say you had to replace your appliances before you were able to renovate the entire kitchen.  Since they are only two years old, you see no need to buy a new set now that you are getting around to doing the kitchen.  All you have to do, is simply subtract out what our budget calculator anticipated you to spend on appliances.  That $32,000- $100,000 budget can now be reduced by $2,600 - $10,000.  

How much does it cost to install a kitchen?

The rule of thumb is the labor of your kitchen (or bathroom) renovation project will cost about 25% of the entire cost of the project. You can see with our running example, that you should expect the labor bill to be in or around $7,500 - $22,500. Now remember, labor is for the entire project: the installation of a new window, removal of walls, putting down new floors, installing the cabinets etc.  

I will say, a stock line should cost more to install over a custom made option. From an installation stand point, an installer will have to measure, cut and install details like moldings, panels, doors etc where on a custom job, those elements are often built right in when they are built.  In fact, custom cabinets can be engineered in banks (more than 1 cabinet together) causing an easier/faster installation time.  And time is money.  In other words, when the material costs less, the installation bill may be more and when the material costs more, the installation may cost less.  All things to think about and discuss with your contractor. And remember...

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

Speaking of professionals, if you are looking for recommendations for a Long Island contractor,
download our referral list

What is the average cost of a kitchen cabinet refacing? 

We know one could get overwhelmed thinking about these massive numbers or the thought of living through a renovation.  It is natural your mind may carry you to thoughts like, "I just want to freshen it up. The cabinet boxes are still good. I wonder how much new doors & drawers are? Or how much refacing my existing cabinets would be?" 

Of course, we can always order you new doors and drawers for your cabinets. However, just know that these are the most expensive part of a cabinet! The boxes are actually the least expensive part of a cabinet. A door can run in the $75-$150 ball park EACH.  And a drawer front can run from $35-75 EACH. The cost of changing out all the doors and drawers of a kitchen can be much higher than you'd think. Plus, you wouldn't be getting a warranty, soft close door or drawer hardware (those would have to be purchase separately), or a new kitchen layout for better function. 

We are not experts in refacing of cabinetry, because we do not provide this service. We can always recommend a local finisher, but your guess would be as good as ours as far a pricing goes. Things to consider when going this route: 

  • It will void any warranty your cabinets currently carry
  • The current layout will remain the same, and will not be improved upon for new lifestyle needs- such as seating, more storage, bringing cabinets to the ceiling etc.
  • If you want your current cabinets to close softly, that hardware would have to be purchased separately. 
  • Current hardware holes may limit you in finding new replacements 
  • It is a lot of work. We'd recommend hiring a professional, although we know there are some DIYers out there that take on the challenge. 

These are all things you need to weigh while making your decision. No one knows your needs or finances better than you. 

How much does a new countertop cost? 

Some homeowners opt to refresh their kitchen by putting in new countertops and hardware.  These are cost effective ways to bring a kitchen back to life, IF the cabinets and flooring are good.  If you have plans down the road to "do" the kitchen and possibly the floors, it may not be worth the mini investment now to just do the tops. You can find ballpark costs per countertop material here in Countertops 101: The Perfect Pairing. Here is some food for thought: 

New tops now, does not mean you can use them again when you get around to doing the whole kitchen.  For one, it take a lot of man power to remove & reinstall a stone. Countertop professionals usually do not like doing it, especially if it is someone else's work originally. They will not guarantee the stone will not break or be harmed in removal or install.  The shape of the stone will lock you into the same layout you have, and most of the time the same sink you have.  Imagine having your hands tied once you finally get to get the kitchen of your dreams. Chances are you'll opt for another new countertop, causing you to buy twice. 

Visual Example

As a thank you for hanging in there as long as you did, I wanted to give you a visual example of kitchen renovation one of our builders did on a flip house. I supplied the retail costs of the materials we did sell them. (Wholesale professional pricing will be even less!) 

Planning a kitchen remodel budget

I hope you found information in here that was helpful to you.  If you did, leave a comment and let me know!  If I didn't, and you have a question, leave it in a comment!  So basically, if you're reading this, leave me a comment. 😉

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