Copy of weather test complete codes

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Tampa Door Style
Tampa Whitewash TWW

Tampa Reef Blue TRB

Tampa Dark Ash TDA

Tampa Pitch Black TPB

Tampa Weatherwood TWD

Tampa Shoreline Gray TSG

Tampa Teak TTK

Tampa Shell White TSW

Tampa Dock Brown TDB

Tampa Bluff Beige TBB
Sanibel Door Style
Sanibel Whitewash SWW

Sanibel Reef Blue SRB

Sanibel Dark Ash SDA

Sanibel Pitch Black SPB

Sanibel Weatherwood SWD

Sanibel Teak STK

Sanibel Shell White SSW

Sanibel Mahogany SMH

Sanibel Bluff Beige SBB

Sanibel Dock Brown SDB

Sanibel Shoreline Gray SSG
Daytona Door Style
Daytona Whitewash DWW

Daytona Reef Blue DRB

Daytona Dark Ash SDA

Daytona Pitch Black DPB

Daytona Weatherwood DWB
Miami Door Style
Miami Whitewash MWW

Miami Reef Blue MRB

Miami Dark Ash MDA

Miami Pitch Black MPB

Miami Weatherwood MWD