Kemper Quick Release Hinges

Product Release Date: May 2019

Kemper's Quick-Release™ fully concealed, 6-way adjustable cup hinge featuring Smart Stop™ self-closing innovation and deactivation option for framed construction. This new hinge features a push tab which allows quick and easy tool-less removal of doors without removing the screw that attaches it to the face frame.

Quick and Easy Removal & Installation! 

View the video below for a demonstration of how these new Quick-Release cup hinges work. Watch as she removes and installs a cabinet door within seconds, no tools needed!

  • Tool-less door removal and reattachment
  • Reduces Installation time
  • Smart Stop self-closing technology with deactivation options
  • Full concealed
  • 6-Way adjustable hinge
  • Just another reason to LOVE Kemper!
        Kemper Cabinetry, Quick Release Cup Hinges for Easy Removal and Quick Installation

Note to Installer

Please provide this helpful guide to the person installing the cabinets. It is a great resource when it comes to adjusting the door with these new hinges, as well as how to deactivate the Smart Stop Self-Closing technology (which should also be shown to the homeowner!)

 Download PDF Guide to Quick Release Hinges for Installer

[Click above to download and print out installer instructions]

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