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Blum-Compact Angle Restriction Clip- 10pk

Blum-Compact Angle Restriction Clip- 10pk



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Eliminate stressing over cabinet door damage; this Restriction Clip for Fabuwood's BLUM Concealed Cup Hinge limits opening angle to 86 degrees, perfect for corner cabinets or adjacent doors that open onto each other. Installation is quick and easy - just clip it into the hinge to protect your cabinet doors.
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Designed to work withFabuwood's BLUMconcealed cup hinge, these Restrictor Clips limit the opening angle of the door to 86 degrees - ideal for corner cabinets, adjacent cabinets whose doors open against one another, or any other cabinet where obstacles near the door would be damaged by the knob during opening. Simply clip it on and put an end to your worries about damaging your cabinet doors.


  • BLUM Angle Restriction Clip for COMPACT BLUMOTION and COMPACT CLIP hinges.
  • Pack of 10 Restrictor Clips
  • Reduces swing from 110-deg to 86-deg
  • One clip required per every two hinges. For a 30"high door, use 1 clip. For 36" to 42" high Door, use 2 clips.

Installation Tip: Remove the door from the cabinet prior to installing the angle restriction clip. Insert the clip into the back of the cup hinge arm while it is in a 'closed' position.

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Ships from Fabuwood in 3-5 business days.

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