Cambria Brittannicca with waterfall ends and mitered build up

The 10 Most Popular Cambria Quartz Designs for Long Island, NY

If you're in the market for a new countertop, chances are you've heard about Cambria Quartz.  We here at A Direct Cabinets happen to be big fans of Cambria for a variety of reasons. 

  1. Cambria is a family-owned and operated, like ourselves
  2. Cambria is made in the USA.  In fact, they own their own quartz mine in Minnesota. 
  3. Their Lifetime Transferrable Warranty, is one of it's kind in the industry.
  4. They offer financing so you can afford your dream room.
  5. Their designs are phenomenal and go hand-in-hand with today's trends!


For those that are brand new to the countertop scene, let's back up just a second, and start at the beginning. 

What is Quartz? 

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Because of it's strength and abundance, it has become a popular choice for countertops. Quartz countertops are often referred to as "engineered" or "man-made", but quartz is in fact a natural stone.  Manufacturers, like Cambria, mine natural quartz, grind them down into a dust and infuse them with resin binders under intense heat and pressure to form slabs. The amount of natural quartz in a slab depends on the quartz manufacturer. Cambria happens to be among the highest concentration of pure quartz. 

What are the benefits of Quartz? 

Quartz is the fastest growing segment in the countertop industry.  We believe it is because it requires little to no maintenance.  Quartz is also nonporous. Which means you do not have to seal it, the way you would a granite countertop; and germs don't penetrate the surface (we're looking at you COVID-19). Quartz is also resistant to scratches and cuts.

{You can read more about it's benefits and compare it to other countertop options here.} 


Today's Countertop Color Trends- Nationally

Each year HOUZZ does a national, industry wide survey to get a pulse on how people are renovating their kitchens. In 2020-2021's study, HOUZZ found White countertops to still be the #1 choice.  (see diagram below).   

Top Kitchen Countertop Colors from HOUZZ

Most Popular Cambria Designs for Long Island, NY

Now...we know the market here in New York.  It is like no other. When we aren't setting the national trend, then we are creating our own. In this case, it looks like we are right on par what HOUZZ is reporting.  Below we will explore the most popular, top selling Cambria Designs for Long Island, New York  (A majority of them being a white of some sort).  These results are based on the amount of slabs of each design that were ordered into the Long Island, NY Cambria distribution within the past year.  The distribution center then supplies Cambria to all Long Island fabricators.  


1. Brittanicca |  Luxury Series                                   ✔️ On Display at ADirect

Brittanicca has a creamy white base color, with light ashy gray and dark gray  marble veining throughout. The ashy gray meanders from main vein to the next, and is dotted with charcoal speckles.  This design is a fan favorite, and a great choice when it comes to spec building.  It is soft enough for the masses, yet its large veining pattern demands attention. Seen here is a spec kitchen we designed for HOMEREDI for a custom, luxury home built in Flower Hill, NY.  The waterfall ends on the island really showcases how stunning this design truly is.

Top Selling Cambria Quartz Color- Brittanicca

 Photo Courtesy of HOMEREDI


2. Ella |  Luxury Series                                             ✔️ On Display at ADirect  

Ella has a cloudy base color, that is more of a light gray with a lattice of dove-gray streams permeating throughout.  The cross veins are of a caramel hue. This design has a lot of marble like characteristics, without the maintenance that comes along with marble. We too have this design on display in our showroom on blue bases, with white wall cabinets. Seen below is another kitchen we did with HOMEREDI, featuring our inset cabinetry in a Naval Blue finish.  What I love about this photo it is gives you a great idea how Ella (with it's grayish background tone) goes with a white fireclay sink. It's difficult to envision two different whites coming together. But as you can see Ella looks beautiful with both the white sink and blue cabinetry.

Cambria Ella in Blue and White Kitchen with White Farmhouse Sink.
 Photo Courtesy of HOMEREDI

3. Skara Brae  |  Luxury Series

Skara Brae is a bold design.  It is set against a bone-white marbled backdrop, with large translucent taupe veins that go in various directions (mostly horizontal) with little subtle black and white tributary-like veins throughout.  This quartz design is sure to bring movement to any room it is chosen for.  Like in this kitchen we are in the process of completing in Remsenburg, NY.  The island really shows off how strong, and gorgeous this design truly is. 

Cambria Skara Brae Design on all white Kitchen by

4. Berwyn  |   Signature Series 

Berwyn is a swirly, granite like design of whites, ivories and creams with subtle gray veins and hints of gold and silver throughout.  It also has specks of sparkle, that are only noticeable when looking straight down at the stone.  This is a fan favorite for Fire Island beach projects.  It is a great design for traditional and transitional styled rooms too.  Seen below is a two toned modern farmhouse project we collaborated on with Christie Lynn Interiors and Steven's Custom Designs featuring Cambria Berwyn. 

 Cambrai Berwyn on white and gray kitchen by

Photo Courtesy of Christie Lynn Interiors & Steven's Custom Designs


5. Torquay  |   Signature Series 

Torquay is a standout member of Cambria's Marble Collection.  Ever since its release over 10 years ago, it became an instant classic.  Torquay has a creamy, soft off-white base color that incorporates subtle ripples and blooms of gray and taupe for movement and interested.  Below you will see it in an all white transitional kitchen we collaborated on with Blake Carpentry.  Between the white cabinet finish and the soft subtle choice of Torquay as the countertop, they were able to add their pop of color and texture with the backsplash.

 Cambria Torquay in an all white kitchen.

Photo Courtesy of Blake Carpentry Inc.


6. Ironsbridge  |  Luxury Series

Ironsbridge is one of my personal favorites, because of its unparalleled versatility. This design has a way of combining both strength and delicate elegance into its intriguing design.  Ironsbridge harmoniously blends warm honey accents with cool gray, white and cream patchwork.  It's tone-on-tone veining works seamlessly within any interior decor scheme or aesthetic. Below you will see how beautifully it not only works with a white porcelain sink, but with matte black fixtures in a stunning bathroom we did in Remsenburg, NY. 

Cambria Ironsbridge design on Bathroom Vanity.

7. Swanbridge | Signature Series

Swanbridge is another marble like design. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) Its base color is a grayish white with splashes of a stark white throughout.  But it is the deep, rich gray veining that really carries your interest.  This design is soft enough so that it can be paired with a variety of finishes and textures.  Because of this, it really can be chosen for any room. But, my personal favorite is in a bathroom. Seen below is a design by the Swanbridge King themselves, AFT Construction. They got this title because of how often Swanbridge is use within their projects.  You can see more of those projects here

Cambria Swanbridge design.

Photo Courtesy of AFT Construction 

8. Portrush  |  Luxury Series

Portrush was one of the 20 designs Cambria came out with in 2020; and it became the most popular new design by far. You'll soon see why. Portrush has a creamy white base color that is crisscrossed with bold navy, gray and black veins that are accompanied by fine spun filaments of gleaming gold flakes.  See how it looks in this stunning kitchen we collaborated on with RM Home Improvements for a lucky home in East Quogue.  

Cambria Portrush Design by
Photo Courtesy of RM Home Improvements

9. Summerhill  |  Signature Series

Summerhill is a classic light countertop from Cambria's Coastal Collection. Summerhill is neutral, but it anything but subtle.  While the cream backdrop, soft gray, and flecks of black fit into any room, its bold veining flows across the surface making it a statement piece. It's natural movement and shimmer make it a beautiful low-maintenance granite alternative.  Below you will see it paired with our Horizon Fabuwood kitchen design we did for a home in Centereach, NY. 

Cambria Summerhill.
Photo Courtesy of Photografix Studios

10. Montgomery  |  Signature Series 

Last but certainly not least, is Montgomery. Montgomery is granite-like pattern that redefines the use of white, ivories and creams together; this time with subtle understated veins of seafoam green, along with a light dusting of pearlescent sparkle. Between the sparkle and its beachy flare, we often see Montgomery chosen for beach homes on Fire Island and summer cottages with a whimsical feel.  It's soft design allows it to be paired with dark and light finishes, all while still giving you subtle movement and color for the room. 

Cambria Montgomery at
Photo Courtesy of Cambria
There you have it! The top 10 Cambria designs for Long Island in the last year. Do you have a favorite?  Leave a comment below. We'd love to hear it.  And remember if you are local to us, and are in the market for Cambria, give us a call. Our Cambria Quartz pricing cannot be beat.  We work with Long Island's largest Cambria fabricators, meaning they get the best pricing, which we pass down to our customers.  Contact us for a bid!  (631) 475-2464


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