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Toe Kick Drawers: Store Right to the Floor

On a cabinet, the average height of the toe kick area is 4-1/2 inches.  Yup. That means there is 4-1/2 inches worth of space that isn't be utilized to its potential... all over your kitchen and bathroom!  That is, until now. Allow me to introduce you to the toe kick drawer. Your answer to store right to the floor.

Push to open toe kick drawer for hidden storage

What is a toe kick drawer? 

It is a clever cabinet or vanity storage solution, ideal for small spaces that need to squeeze as much storage out of it as possible.  A toe kick drawer turns the usually flat, non functional area between the floor and your lower cabinets, into a push to open drawer that is ideal for storing flat items. 

The best part? Ours come with push latches. All you have to do is tap your foot against the drawer and it will glide open. When your done, gentle use your foot to push it back closed.  This special glide spares you from crouching down and fighting to open and close these secret storage areas.  Watch it in action in the short clip below. 

How do you install a toe kick drawer?  

If you getting a new kitchen with us, and are planning on purchasing Masterbrand Kemper Choice or Kemper Emerge Series cabinetry, a toe kick drawer is a modification we can make to any 21"-24" deep cabinet that is 18", 21", 27", 30" 33" and 36" widths that have standard toe kick construction. If you are purchasing another cabinet line, ask your designer if they are available.  

For those that have existing cabinets and are looking to add this convenience to an existing kitchen, do a simple google search. There are manufacturers out there that offer retrofit kits.  There is this one on Amazon that may do the trick!  Just note, you'll need to keep your existing piece of toe kick to finish the front of this drawer so it blends in with adjacent toe kicks. 



What can you really store in a toe kick drawer?

Anything flat. 

Your collection of placemats and cloth napkins.  That pizza stone, you got back from when pizza stones made great gifts. Party platters. Take out menus, for when you don't want to dirty your clean kitchen. Appliance manuals when you need to know what the heck that red light means, or the warranty manuals when that red light is NOT good. 

Toe kick drawer with platters and placemats


Items you don't access often.

Make it your own 'in case of emergency' drawer, where you store flash lights, batteries and candles when the lights go out.  Our those handy things you probably use once a year- like those furniture pads, tape, picture hanger clips etc. Or make a gift wrapping drawer with gift bags, tags and tissue paper. 

toe kick drawer filled with belongings


Office Supplies

Perfect for stashing printer paper, legal pads, pencils and books. (Note: use only in a space with non-carpeted floor).  Or make it an 'I'm bored drawer' for the kids- filled with construction paper, crayons, safety scissors and a smock. 

 toe kick drawer with office supplies

Baking Stuff

Whether your an avid baker or a once in a while baker, this cabinet can be for you! Cupcake tins, cookies sheets, rolling pins, that spring cake contraption, loaf tins etc.  Store all of that in one place.  In a toe kick drawer. 

 toe kick drawer with baking supplies toe kick drawer with baking supplies


Leftover Storage

My toxic trait is putting leftovers in the refrigerator, KNOWING full well I won't touch it again.  If you're like me and go through ziplock bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil like it's going out of style.  Here's a place to hide your essentials.

Toekick drawer with ziplock bags, saran wrap etc


Pet Supplies

Pets aren't just pets. They are family members. And like every member, they come with a ton of stuff. Grooming supplies, toys, treats, bowls, leashes, outfits etc.  Keep it all organized in a toe kick drawer. Your furry friend will thank you. 

toe kick drawer for pet supplies


Are toe kick drawers worth it? 

Toekick drawers did make our list of Top 10 Must Have Kitchen Cabinets. But that decision is really up to you. This MasterBrand factory modification will be in the $250 ball park per drawer.  But it comes factory installed within the cabinet, saving you time and labor at install. If your space does need the extra storage, then go for it! Since you can pick and choose which base cabinet gets the modification, we suggest choosing a wider base cabinet over another. This way you get maximum amount of drawer space. 



If you're ready for your new kitchen, but don't know where to start, we're here to help!  Schedule a consultation with our design team. We will listen to your ideas and offer our expert advice. Contact us today! 

For more inspiration, please look at our Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Inspiration Gallery. 


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