ADirect Lead Time Updates

Last Updated 8/2/2022

Current Lead Times

In efforts to manage yours and the homeowner's expectations, we are updating you on the lead times of our manufacturers as we ourselves are updated.  Availability of material continues to be unpredictable. When disruptions occur, they impact shipping schedules and trigger backorders. We will communicate these as best we can, as this information is relayed to us. We advise not to tear out kitchens and baths until cabinets are delivered.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification, especially in regards to on-going jobs. 
Contact your designer for further information,


💡 EXPERT TIP:  Appliance lead times are extreme.  Make sure your customer's appliance choices
are solidified and ordered before you place the cabinetry order! 


Mantra Cabinets -  1-2 Week Lead Time w/ minimal Backorders

Fabuwood Cabinets -  4 Week Lead Time w/ Backorders

  • Certain door styles are running 4-6 with backorders.
  • Your designer will call you with your exact delivery date when the order is being placed.

Green Forest -  5-7 Week Lead Time

Kemper Choice - 9-11 Week Lead Time

  • Wood hoods may add up to 2-4 weeks

Kemper Emerge - 10-18 Week lead Time**

  • 10-13 Weeks -- Caprice MDF door style, stains, glazes, specialty finishes, and non-Sherwin-Williams paints
  • 12-15 Weeks -- Caprice door style (except MDF), Armor stain, and Sherwin-Williams paints
  • 12-18 Weeks -- Brushed finishes
  • 12-18 Weeks -- Ceruse finishes

Modern Cabinets - 14-16 Week Lead Time  

Omega Cabinets - 7-11 Week Lead Time

  • Framed/Inset Lead Time- 7-10 weeks 
  • Full Access Orders- 8-11 weeks 

    Decorative Hardware - 5-7 business days on stock items.

    • Top Knobs is taking longer than usual to process and ship out orders at this time. 
    • Check availability with your designer. Expect popular series and finishes to be on backorder.

    Countertop Fabrication - 2 week lead time AFTER template

    • We've been needing a weeks notice to get in template schedule
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