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Let's take the guess work out of matching Fabuwood painted finishes.  Now available are all nine Fabuwood paint colors in pint, quart or gallon sizes. 

This is a great option for those getting a custom hood that will need to be finished to match the adjoining Fabuwood cabinets.  Or those choosing to run a house crown around the entire room.  Having access to the exact paint will create a beautiful cohesive look to the entire space, without any color matching or guess work involved. 

This paint is Fabuwood formulated cabinetry paint that is ready to be used in a paint sprayer.

Disclaimer: This item is drop shipped from Fabuwood's warehouse, and is a non returnable item. 

Note: Stock photos are shown to represent the size. Since this is a new offering, product photos have not been released yet.  

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