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Fabuwood Paint- Designer Colors

Fabuwood Paint- Designer Colors



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Say goodbye to time-consuming color-coordination! Fabuwood now offers its six custom express colors in pint and quart sizes—making it easier than ever to customize hoods and crowns for seamless harmony. The Fabuwood-formulated paint is perfect for paint sprayers, so you don't need to worry about trial and error or miss-matched tones.

Note: Stock photos are shown to represent the size. Since this is a new offering, product photos have not been released yet.  

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No more guesswork needed when it comes to matching Fabuwood's express painted finishes! Now all six colors are available in both pint and quart sizes. Perfect for those who need to finish a custom hood to match existing Fabuwood cabinets, or for those wanting to run a house crown around the entire room. With access to this exact paint, you can achieve a stunning, cohesive look throughout your space without any color matching required. Plus, this paint is specially formulated for Fabuwood cabinetry and ready to be used in a paint sprayer- How convenient!


New! Now available for Express Custom Colors

  • Available in Cloud White, Denim Blue, Hunter Green, Ocean Blue, Pitch Black and Sage Green
  • Can be ordered by the Pint, Quart, or Gallon (temporarily on hold). Quart & Gallon sizes will be shipped out in the equivalent amount of 1-Pint size cans to fulfill the order.
  • NOTE: Paint for Express colors will not come Pre-Catalyzed. Will come as Paint and separate Catalyzer with instructions on how to mix.
  • DISCLAIMER: Fabuwood takes no responsibility for improper application and/or imperfections caused by using this item. Touch-ups & Finishing applications are recommended to be completed by a qualified cabinet installer.

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This item is drop shipped from Fabuwood's warehouse normally in 5-7 days.

As a General Contractor who works with subs all day long, I can honestly say that A Direct is the best of the best.

- Fire Island Contracting -

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