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Kemper Cabinets Care Kit

Kemper Cabinets Care Kit



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Kemper has designed a natural and safe citrus-based cleaner tailored to their top coats - tested and proven to not affect their finish sheen. Make your kitchen sparkle with the PURE&SIMPLE Cabinet Care Kit, suitable for stained, painted wood, and laminate surfaces. Comes with one 16 oz spray bottle of cleaning solution and a small microfiber cloth.


Your new kitchen is beautiful! While we hope that your cabinets stay pristine, spatters and spills are bound to happen. Not to worry! We've got you covered on how to keep your cabinetry looking great with our handy guide that tells you how and what to use.  Even better, watch and learn by watching their short video below. 



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Kemper has come out with a citrus based cleaner that is natural and safe for all Kemper top coats.  In fact, it has been tested on all of their finishes to ensure it doesn't alter the top coat sheen.  This cabinet care kit is safe to use on stained, painted wood, and laminate cabinet surfaces. 


PURE&SIMPLE Cabinet Care Kit Includes: 

  • One 16 ounce spray bottle of cleaning solution
  • One small microfiber cloth

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